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Axle Weight tickets can be used to ensure compliance with Chain of Responsibility legislation and Vehicle Overload Monitoring. Road Transport Authorities generally breach drivers on axle group weights not gross load. Why not play it safe and check your axle loads before venturing onto the highways?

Registration of new or modified vehicles, including trailers and caravans, in many Road Transport jurisdictions will require the vehicle to be weighed and an approved weighbridge docket issued. Our “Rego” weighbridge tickets provide all the required information for this purpose as well as a free axle weight summary.

Trade measurement relates to the buying or selling of goods and / or services where the value is determined by measurement (eg. weight, length or volume). To comply with Trade Measurement requirements, you may require a Gross Only, Tare Only or Net Weight transaction. PWA weighbridges can provide all of these services.

  • Gross Only tickets will provide a total mass including the vehicle and the product being transported.
  • Tare Only tickets will provide the empty or unladen weight of the vehicle only.
  • Net Weight transactions are a combination of the above and provide the payload or “Net” weight of the product for trade
  • Original Weighbridge Tickets from all weighbridge transactions are stored for twelve (12) months and copies can be supplied on request.


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